About the course

After taking this course you will be confident using Google Tag Manager to implement Google Analytics tracking tags to measure your users. You will learn practical techniques, including how to test your tags and triggers when collecting data.

This comprehensive course will build your knowledge and skills, allowing you to apply this powerful tool to your own websites.

What will I learn in the course?

  • How to get started with Google Tag Manager
  • Setting up and configuring Google Tag Manager
  • Tracking custom website actions 
  • Testing your tags and using environments
  • Diagnosing issues with your tags and triggers

Your instructor

Co-Founder, Loves Data

Benjamin Mangold

Benjamin Mangold co-founded Loves Data and he is an internationally recognized expert in digital analytics and marketing. He has been working with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, and other Google products for over twelve years. He has trained and consulted for companies like 3M, Fuji Xerox, and Google. As your course instructor, he will teach you practical techniques, from setup and configuration, right through to improving your website and your marketing campaigns.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the course

    • Course workbook

    • Introduction to Google Tag Manager

    • Google Tag Manager concepts

    • Setting up Google Tag Manager

    • User premissions

    • Using a measurement plan

    • Quiz: foundations

  • 2

    How Google Tag Manager Works

    • Tags

    • Adding your first tag

    • Triggers

    • Previewing a new container

    • Previewing and debugging

    • Share a preview

    • Publishing

    • Workflow

    • Quiz: how Google Tag Manager works

  • 3

    Demo Website

    • Exercise: using the demo website

  • 4


    • Variables

    • Custom variables

    • Advanced user-defined variables

    • Walk-through: using variables with triggers

    • Quiz: variables

  • 5

    Data Layer

    • Introduction to the data layer

    • Using the data layer

    • Walk-through: enhanced ecommerce

    • Walk-through: GA4 ecommence

    • Data layer events

    • Quiz: data layer

  • 6


    • Google Tag Manager events

    • Walk-through: tag assistant

    • Quiz: events

  • 7


    • Click trigger

    • Link click trigger

    • Walk-through: link click trigger

    • Scroll depth trigger

    • Walk-through: scroll depth for GA4

    • Element visibility trigger

    • Form trigger

    • Timer trigger

    • History change trigger

    • JavaScript error trigger

  • 8

    Trigger Logic

    • Walk-through: exception trigger

    • Trigger conditions

    • Quiz: trigger logic

  • 9

    Tag Sequencing

    • Tag firing order

    • Tag sequencing

    • Tag sequencing for Facebook

  • 10

    Additional Tags

    • Google Ads tags

    • Custom HTML tags

  • 11


    • Container version control

    • Environments

    • Naming conventions

    • Folders

    • Workspaces

    • Maintenance best practice

    • Quiz: maintenance

  • 12


    • Discussion area

    • Thank you